Your Energy Bank Accounts…

How rich are you feeling? This is a great time of year to take stock of our energy bank accounts and make sure we aren’t in danger of becoming overdrawn as we move into the Winter months.  We acquire our energy sources (our Chi) from two different sources, firstly that which is passed down from our parents and this can be thought of as our inheritance savings account.  secondly we collect energy into our current bank accounts which comes from our intake of food, breath and how we move our bodies. Whilst we can’t add to our inheritance account, we can manage our current energy wisely by putting in more than enough energy to cover what we are drawing out and through this we can live a long and healthy life.  Drawing out too much energy from our current account can dip into our inheritance and lead to ageing and ill health.  Yoga and meditation are great ways to add energy to our current bank accounts, keeping us topped up. As we hit the party season, make sure you are regularly re-energised through some good food, some fresh air and try a bit of yoga to feel amazing going into the New Year. Most importantly, have a fantastic time!

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