Yoga and Surfing: A Match Made in Heaven!

As surfers with a regular yoga practice, we often feel the same desire to get on our boards out in the water as we do to get on our yoga mats and start a practice, why is this? Surfing allows us to connect to nature and be present in the moment; nothing can distract us from where we are right then and there. We have to be in the moment, connect our awareness to the ocean to catch the wave and stay balanced on the board. In yoga, by connecting the body and mind through the breath, we can also reach this point of being present and feel fully content, gaining a great sense of inner peace and joy.  The benefits of a regular yoga practice include strengthening the body, improving balance and stamina whilst at the same time improving flexibility through the spine, keeping the core strong – great for surfing! Combining yoga and surfing helps you go with the flow, not just in the water but through the rest of everyday life too.


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