Winter Seasonal Health Yoga & Lifestyle Workshop with Jen *Live Streaming* Saturday 30th Jan | 2.00-5.00pm

seasonal yoga workshop

Seasonal Health Yoga & Lifestyle Workshop with Jen
Live Streamed from Oceanflow Yoga via Zoom!
Saturday 30th January 2021


Help to deepen your connection with nature through Seasonal Yoga practices and learn more about your internal energy systems to understand the ways in which we can find balance at different times of the year!

In the Winter, we look to support our Spine & Water Element energy and boost the health of our Kidney & Bladder systems. These in turn nurture our central nervous systems and the stress responses of the Adrenal Glands.

Expect afternoon filled with learning, an intuitive seasonal flow vinyasa followed by yin yoga and other restorative practices!

These retreats are a fantastic and fun way to learn more about the Seasons and how you can become more in tune with nature, helping to create a stronger, more energised and happy YOU!

All levels and beginners welcome