Winter and the Water Element

Winter is associated with the Kidneys, Bladder and the Water Element according to traditional Chinese medicine.  Our bones and joints are nourished and lubricated by this Water Element and when we push ourselves beyond our own limits we begin to deplete our vitality, disturbing the energy of the Kidneys and flow in the body. We may experience stiffness, tightness, joint pain and emotional changes. As we are primarily made up of water, we can help support the movement of fluid through our bodies by letting go of any tension and tuning into the inner flow.  Practicing yoga postures and flows that help move though the whole of the spine such as Cat and Cow flows, gentle vinyasas and Moon Salutations are great ways to help allow water to move through the joints, creating a natural tidal feeling and reining energy in to increase our reserves. At Oceanflow Yoga we design our Seasonal Flow Classes with these aspects in mind and you will come away from a session with us feeling calmer, re-vitalised and restored.

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