Why Men Should Do Yoga


Having practiced yoga for several years now, I have witnessed first hand the effect it has on the body both physically and spiritually. When I first started I could barely touch my shins. My back, hips, shoulders and basically every part of my body was super tight and I had a prejudice that yoga was a hobby for flexible girls.

When I convinced myself that I wasn’t flexible enough to do yoga, my wife quickly pointed out that that was the very reason I should do yoga! She encouraged me to go to a class and I can honestly say it was not what I expected at all. I was lucky enough to get a great teacher who explained all the benefits of yoga on the body. I left that first session feeling invigorated, energised and on top of the world. The list of benefits from practicing yoga is endless. Physically it can be very challenging however your muscles will very quickly become stronger, longer and more flexible. As a passionate surfer and keen triathlete, the increased movement in my shoulders, mobility in my back and strength in my core have all led to vastly improved performance. Injuries are now a thing of the past!

These are just a handful of the physical benefits of yoga. In some follow up blogs I will be going into more depth on these and the many other beneficial aspects of yoga. I will also be posting updates on my exciting journey to becoming a yoga instructor in Costa Rica.

If this blog has tempted you to give yoga a try, the biggest piece of advice I would give someone is to do their research when looking for a studio. There are many different styles of yoga so look into what best suits your needs. I prefer the more dynamic, powerful vinyasa flow style which I find both strengthens and energises me. Don’t be afraid to try different classes at different studios…you’ll know when you find the right one that works for you.

Written by Stretch (Tom Harvey)

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