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A Quick Update…

We are passionate about maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for you to practice in. In light of the recent concerns over COVID-19 virus, we wanted to reassure you all that we are doing everything we can to prevent the appearance of not just this virus but the seasonal cold & cough bugs that are around at the moment.
• Studio mats are being steam-cleaned between every class. Another option available is to bring your own yoga mat or towel with you should you feel concerned.
• Blocks have been cleaned with an antiseptic treatment but we will be removing eye pillows for the time being. Feel free to bring your own props with you for now.
• All shared spaces are being cleaned multiple times a day, including toilet areas, hand rails, door handles and pens.
All scheduled classes, workshops and events are still running and please note that viruses do not survive well in heat & humidity so maybe time to think about coming down into the Hot Studio! Obviously if you do have cold or flu like symptoms, as always please respect other yogis and rest yourself and heal up before returning to the studio.

Please do remember that we live in a society in which sensationalism has become prevalent. If you find that you are experiencing fear, it may be useful to keep a check on the facts from official sources. Here are a some which are correct as of 15th March 2020:

1. There has been 55 deaths from COVID-19 virus in the UK so far
2. Deaths from the common flu in the UK usually vary from 10,000 to 30,000 per year.
3. There are 5 people who have currently tested positive for the COVID-19 virus in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly to date with no deaths.

The above is not in any way an attempt to encourage people to become complacent. In fact we hope it highlights the importance of us all staying hygienic if we do get ill.

Most importantly, the best way to avoid becoming ill is to stay healthy & relaxed. Taking some form of meditation and movement everyday can reduce stress levels and strengthen the immune system so please look after yourself! If you start to feel unwell, please stay at home and let us know if you can no longer make a booked class. When you’re coming into the studio, please be mindful of your health & the others around you.

Peace & Love,
Jen, Stretch and the rest of the Oceanflow Team xxx

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