The Season of Winter

The 21st December marks Winter Solstice and the official start of Winter with the shortest day and longest night. It is the coldest time of year when the sun is at its lowest, nature is still and the trees are bare; a time to get all wrapped up before you go outside. In this inward withdrawing period you may be feeling a little more emotional and sensitive, or have a desire to be alone, go deeper into yourself and reflect on your life.In the same way that nature is going into a period of hibernation, use this natural time of storage and rejuvenation to replenish and recharge your batteries.  Enjoy calm, restorative yoga flows, moving through the whole of the spine to help support the kidney and bladder; two organs that need a little more tlc at this time of year.  At Oceanflow Yoga we design our Seasonal Flow Classes with these aspects in mind and you will come away from a session with us feeling calmer, re-vitalised and restored.

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