Tai Chi and Chi Kung Workshop with Tim Kellam. 1pm on Saturday, July 22

Tai Chi and Chi Kung Workshop with Tim Kellamtai chi chi kung yoga workshop newquay cornwall

Where: Oceanflow Yoga Vinyasa Studio
When: Saturday 22nd July, 1pm – 4pm
Cost: £30 with tea and treats

Tim Kellam has over 20 years experience of practising and teaching tai chi and chi kung. Designed for health & wellbeing the workshop will be divided into two parts.

Part 1
Tai Chi Chi Kung / Shibashi
These are a series of 18 solo movements. They are performed standing and influence different parts of the body. Easy to learn and very practical, collectively they are a physical and emotional
first aid kit.

Short Break with tea and treats

Part 2
Tai Chi
We will run through a short form known as “The Loop”. This takes the key moves from a longer form of the Yang Style. Linking moves together into a more complex pattern or form of Chi Kung this is an excellent introduction into the principles of tai chi and the potential health benefits. An excellent way to centre yourself.

All exercises will be performed standing and no special clothing required. *This workshop does not contain any martial art training or yoga.


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