Studio Update – Live Streaming, Hybrid & Outside classes are still on for now! Read below for our plans……..

After a very surreal, crazy and event filled 4 months, we both just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all the amazing support we’ve had from you during this time. As soon as we saw that lock-down was coming, we knew we would have to evolve to keep offering yoga classes at a time where people would need them most.

These last 4 months may have challenged and rocked even the most zen of yogis, BUT it really felt that this was the time to put into practice everything we learn on the mat. To stay steady, calm and breathing whilst the world shifts is the practice of yoga. So whether you made it to your mat just once or every day, we hope that you have found your practice to be an anchor for you.

Thank you for your patience as we explored different camera angles, lighting, microphones and all the blips we made along the way – and there have been many! We had to learn so quickly but had such fun learning and growing with you, albeit onscreen, so we’re really glad that you have embraced the world of live stream yoga with us. If you ever need a tech consultant for Zoom, Stretch is your person!!

Re-opening The Studio

Several of you have been enquiring as to when we will be re-opening the studio. Many studios and gyms will be re-opening from the end of July but even with this positive go-ahead, we will not be yet opening up our inside studios. The reality of the situation is that our beloved space does not easily allow for social distancing and it would not be financially sustainable to teach such restricted numbers. On the surface this appears like it could be a long time before we see our doors re-open, however, we are creative types and will not rest until we have found a way to enable people to practice in the studio in some form so stay posted for our plans!

Keep reading below to hear our plans…

The Future of Live Streaming…

You may have noticed us testing some hybrid classes outside where we teach to five people in person and simultaneously live stream these classes to your home. Feedback has suggested that they have been a resounding success and we are really happy to be able to welcome people in person to these classes, albeit only five at a time at this stage. We feel that this hybrid model is the likely formula we will be using for the foreseeable future until social distancing is no longer required.

A common question we are getting asked is “Will we be continuing to Live Stream yoga classes when things return back to normal?” You will be pleased to hear the answer is a resounding YES! We have heard so many stories of how live streaming has helped people and some of our favourites include:

Saving money on child care

Saving time by not travelling

Being able to roll out of bed and into class

Being able to roll out of class and into bed

Being part of the community whilst physically not living here

Being able to do yoga in pyjamas

Being able to stop and have a cuppa half way through class (!)

We are really glad we can continue to offer live streaming as part of the schedule long term and hope you are too!

The New Norm

So what will the new norm look like for us all when Oceanflow Yoga is finally allowed to open it’s doors again? We have obviously spent many hours planning and preparing for when this time eventually comes however each time we do, we are faced with a sobering reality. We will likely be able to fit a maximum of five people in the upstairs studio with social distancing in place. We also don’t feel that we would be able to safely open the hot room whilst social distancing is still in force.

This means that the hybrid model is one which we will be relying on for the time being. We are ever positive that as things change, positive news of vaccines or treatments will emerge allowing us to adapt our offering again. One thing we can assure you is that we will be monitoring things closely and what may be the norm now may be something completely different in a month or two.

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful
chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later”

Financial Viability

Clearly these restrictions are going to test the studio and its financial viability. We have been sad to see several yoga studios around the country close their doors permanently for exactly these reasons. It is fairly clear that to survive, we need to evolve. The hybrid model of live streaming and teaching a socially distanced class in the studio is one which we plan to do as soon as we are allowed to open our doors again.

Four months ago we introduced subsidised credit packs and free credit packs for those hit hardest by Covid-19. We are so happy that some people were able to utilise these and continue practising when perhaps financially they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. We still plan to offer these on an honesty basis for now however we have a favour to ask. If you are now back in a position to be able to select and pay for the regular priced credit packs, you would be doing the studio and the team a great service.

Exciting New Project

As always we are continuing to evolve and over the past four months, we have also been working on a project on the side which we are excited to say is almost at the point of release. We will share more with you very soon.

Watch this space…

Stay safe and healthy – see you online!