**From 17th May we will be starting to teach indoors as well as live streaming and teaching outside. Initially we will be making the most of the space that the Oceanside Hotel has to offer and teaching our inside classes from there**


Covid-19 Safe Practice

Read on for more details…

The Venues

Oceanflow Vinyasa & Hot Studio

We will be re-opening our Pentire-based studios when we are able to practice without social distancing measures! Please stay posted for opening dates as we get more info from government guidelines!

Oceanside Hotel (formally the Carnmarth)

We are able to run our regular & Hot classes from the beautiful event space in the Oceanside Hotel on the north side of Fistral Beach. This venue has a capacity of up to 19 whilst maintaining a strict 2m social distancing!

How Will It Work?

You will notice when booking that the venue will either state Oceanside Hotel, Outside (at South Fistral) or Live Streaming. Please be mindful and double check as you book for your class!

Maintaining Social Distancing

Oceanflow Vinyasa & Hot Studio

We’ll be back soon!

Oceanside Hotel

Please bring a yoga mat and facemask with you. In certain circumstances we are able to rent you a yoga mat for £2. Enter via the door to the rear left side of the hotel wearing a face mask. Walk down the long corridor and in through the double doors at the end. Let us know your name at the entrance to the studio and then lay the front centre of your mat down on one of the space markers. Please stay on your mat to limit movement around the studio. Toilets will be in use in this venue. You can take your face mask off whenever you are on your mat but ask you wear a face mask at all other times.

Booking Onto Classes

You can book onto these classes as normal through the app or the website by clicking on the button below. 


As I am sure you can understand, we have very restricted numbers compared to normal. As a result we need to be very strict with cancellations. We have a 3hr cancellation policy in an attempt to ensure that no one misses out on a spot as a result of the restricted capacity. We hope you understand the need to do this as we do our best to find a sustainable model moving forwards.