Stretch’s Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica – Video Diary and Blog

Follow Stretch though his exciting journey to become a Yoga Teacher! He is doing his required 200 hours over 3 weeks in the magical untouched jungle on the Osa peninsula in Costa Rica. See how he gets on through his daily video blogs below (and watch how quickly he tans too!).

Stretch Costa Rica

Stretch is now a Yoga Teacher!!
Click to watch! He’s a Yoga Teacher!

Day 21 – Last Day!
Oceanflow Yoga Newquay Cornwall RYT200 Sonic Costa Rica

Day 20 – Another Exam!
Click to watch! Day 20
Click to watch! Day 20 Class Practical 1

Day 19 – Exams!
What happened? It seems like I just blinked and the exams are upon us. I have the written exam after breakfast this morning and the practical exam tomorrow! Wow how time flies in paradise!
We had a very inspiring class this morning led by Tracey. It was a really fluid one inspired by Shiva Rea and to top it off she played 80’s cheese music…anyone who knows me will know that my music tastes are ‘special’ and needless to say I was in heaven. I feel it’s time to dust off my flares when I get home 🙂
Wish me luck, I’ll let you know how I get on after the exam
Oceanflow Newquay Cornwall

Day 18 – Savasana in the Sea
Click to watch! Day 18

Day 17 – Yogi Birthday!
It was Elana’s birthday today so I decided to get up early and do some beach art to surprise her. I had to guess which beach she as going to and luckily chose the right one…it was a Pan Dulce morning! I got very jammy with timing and she turned up just as I was finishing and the sun was peaking up over the horizon!
The rest of the day had been so much fun today. Good asana practice (good as in my shoulder held out for the whole 90mins…just!) we did loads more on sequencing and I feel I now have the tools to write some fun classes. We’ve got a party tonight and I have just spied some chocolate cake…I don’t think it is a low sugar, dark chocolate chickpea cake but in this situation, I’m prepared to take one for he team 🙂

Happy Birthday3

Day 16 – Yoga Stoned!
Had another lovely day today. Fell asleep on the beach under the stars last night whilst meditating! Woke myself up with a swim in the phosphorescence which was even more trippy when half asleep!
Today has been fun and we have continued to work on sequencing of classes. We were split into groups and asked to write a sequence leading up to a peak pose. So many options, how do you start?! We got a good sequence together but the footwork turned out to be a bit clumsy in some of the transitions. Today I feel like I have taken a big step forward on the learning curve to writing a smooth, fluid class.
I am practicing pranayama and meditating at least 3 times a day at the moment and it is doing absolute wonders for calming the mind and feeling that inner glow. I am really looking forward to keeping this up when I get back to England. It is certainly going to help keep the business of day to day life in check.

Day 15 – Video Diary
Click to watch! Day 15

Day 14 – Getting Better!
Costa Rica Sunrise Oceanflow Yoga Newquay Cornwall RYT200
Had a much better day today. The shoulder is getting its full movement back and although still very weak, I managed to participate in the full asana practice this morning. We did a lot of sequencing work today and I’m now itching to find the time to start writing classes. The afternoon was spent going through more assists for various poses. The highlight had to be learning the nadi points which we can massage in savasana…sooooo relaxing! Just off now for another night swim and meditation… sometimes I think I should have been born with gills, I’m loving the opportunity we get to swim at least three times a day.
I’ve been missing Jen a lot today and internet hasn’t been reliable enough to chat for a while. I hope the weather is warming up and spring is on the way back in sunny Cornwall. I can feel the end of this trip drawing in very quickly now!

Day 13
Today has been a very challenging day for me. I am trying my best not to let the shoulder injury get me down but can’t seem to shrug it at the moment. I’m also feeling incredibly frustrated that I had to sit out of half of the asana class this morning. Trying to look for a positive, I was able to do a forty minute meditation whilst the class finished off and that felt really great. I came out of it feeling properly “yoga stoned”! I had a great swim in the sea at lunch which washed away some of the negative feelings I had been harbouring this morning and left me feeling a bit more upbeat for the afternoon class. Thanks to everyone in the group for radiating amazing energy into the healing circle this afternoon…very powerful stuff! Now to focus on healing this pesky shoulder and getting back on the mat.

Day 12 – Surf’s Up!
Click to watch Part 1! Day 12 pt1
Click to watch Part 2! Day 12 pt2

Day 11 – An Injury!
Feeling quite low today. Had a great asana practice this morning until the end when I went into full wheel and my shoulder popped out on me. Had to spend the rest of the day’s classes on my back and it was a real struggle to find a comfy position for it. Fortunately I am surrounded by people with positive energy and healing hands which has helped me from thinking too many negative thoughts. I am sure after a good nights sleep I’ll be as right as rain. We had a great evenings meditation on the beach this evening followed by a two and a half hour video on the history of yoga. Ready for bed now, it’s been a looooong day! Zzzzzzz

Day 10 – Early Mornings
Click to watch! Day 10 early Day 10 beach

Day 9 – Stretch’s New Home!
Click to watch! Day 9

Day 8 – Video Diary
Click to watch! Day 8

Day 7
Low energy day today. Decided against the sunrise swim in favour of essay writing this morning. Had a lunar practice this morning but seemed to struggle through it. My wrists have begun to really hurt which is a sure sign I haven’t been putting pressure into the right parts of my hands. I feel doing all this yoga will very quickly highlight any poor alignment issues I have. I’m happy I’ve got my sun A’s and B’s nailed now and confident with all the assists associated with them.
The afternoon saw the beginning of learning how to sequence a class properly. Really enjoyed learning this. We then moved into meditation but my hips were feeling a bit too tight to get comfortable. It’s tough sitting in the yoga deck for 4 hours of theory!
Went for a night swim afterwards to loose off and had the most amazing swim of my life! Phosphorescence EVERYWHERE! The sea just lit up with thousands of little fire flies every stroke I took. I can honestly say it was like being in a surreal other world looking up at the stars whilst glowing in a sea of a million green stars. Absolutely beautiful.
What a great way to finish a low energy day 🙂

Class Studying

Day 6 – Back to Teacher Training!
Beautiful early morning surf this morning watching the sun rise over the ocean and the sun set over the sea. This is a truly magical place to get in tune with nature and the elements. I taught a Sun B to the class today which went really smoothly and I felt far more confident than the first time I was called up. Dare I say it, I actually really enjoyed it 🙂 the rest of the morning we spent doing hands on adjustments to the various poses in Sun B. I can’t wait to start putting sequences together and designing classes. More anatomy studies this afternoon…with me at 6ft7″ and Ashley at 4ft11″ the teacher has some great examples of how body shapes can differ!

photo (10)

photo (8)

Day 5 – A Day Off!
Woke up feeling a little worse for wear after about four hours of disturbed sleep. Amazing party last night with music from two very talented drummers who I share a bungalow with. After the party we went to swim in the sea and watch the beautiful phosphorescence under the full moon.
The surf has finally arrived and it took me all of two hours to snap my leash and end the session. Probably a blessing in disguise as it have me the rest of the day to study and review what I have learnt so far.
We had a beach ritual involving fire, drums and chanting this evening which was good fun. I’m looking forward to getting back to practice again in the morning.

photo (9)

Day 4 of Teacher Training!
Good day today. It’s the first day I have felt a bit more challenged with our morning asana practice and got a sweat on. The sit-ups reminded me of being back in a Thurs night Core and Flex class at Oceanflow Yoga! I feel I came over here physically prepared thanks to all the great classes I took back home in the build up to this. Learning adjustments is very amusing. My fantastic 5ft teacher had to literally hang off the back of me in down dog and have another person pull her with all her might! I’ll try and get a photo of this unique adjust over the next few days!
This afternoon was anatomy studies. Very interesting to learn just how different everyone’s body shape and bone structure is. I am getting a new found respect for recognising the limitations of the body, proper alignment and not pushing your boundaries beyond what your body is ready for. It was particularly interesting learning about the fasciae that surrounds all our muscles/organs and just about everything else in the body.
I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the extra study to fit in, assignments to do etc. but I’m sure I’ll find a routine in the next few days that takes it on bit by bit.
We’ve got a beach party down the road this evening and a day off tomorrow. Might even treat myself to a beer…oooh don’t tell the teachers 🙂

Teacher Training
Day 3!
Wow another amazing day in paradise finished with a night swim in the sea under a full moon!
Practicum this morning turned fairly scary when I found myself volunteering to teach a sun salutation to ten students and two teachers! It went really well though and felt good to get my first one done and dusted.
After lunch we hit the books and started learning the importance of meditation. Wow I knew it was good for you but had no idea to what extent. It has inspired me to write a blog on it when I get back just to let people know the powerful effects it can have on your life.
Our afternoon break got a bit freaky and turned into a trance dance yoga! Not something you see every day but a whole lot of fun! Think whirling dervishes 🙂
Early evening saw a walking meditation down to the beach followed by pranayama and a 20min meditation under a full moon which was very inspiring.
All set and ready to do it all again tomorrow. Still no surf 🙁 but meant to be a swell coming in on Sunday…Happy Days!

Costa Rica Beach

Day 2 of Teacher Training!
Click to watch! Day 2

Day 1 of Teacher Training!
Click to watch! Day 1

Click to watch! Arrival

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  1. Lianne Anderson says:

    Brilliant stuff! What a great idea! We’ll look forward to updates on this and seeing how stretch’s Costa Rican adventure pans out! It looks like paradise!

  2. Vidya says:

    Love the sharing …. I feel like I’m part of your yoga journey and its fun to hear you describe both your challenges and joys! Thanks for sharing Stretch!
    Stay brilliant!

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