Spring Growth – An Expansive Yin & Restorative Yoga Experience with Anna Curnock Easter Monday 1st April 3.00-5.00pm – In-Person at Oceanflow Yoga Studio or Online!

Spring Yin Restorative Yoga Workshop Newquay Cornwall Oceanflow

Spring is the time of year where everything bursts into colour, flowers bloom, green leaves appear, birdsong gets louder, the days longer and we are able to soak up more sunshine. Tap into this season’s wisdom by treating yourself to a relaxing workshop designed to inspire creativity, nourish your body/mind complex and leave you with a sense of calm and focus. We will start with gentle pranayama to move into a short breath inspired yoga flow designed to enliven the body, then move into a slow yin practice designed to open into the body, get energy flowing and inspire creativity. From this relaxed space we expand into some deeply restorative poses to balance the energy of the season and then enter into a yoga nidra to help calm and focus the mind.


Enjoy a deeply restorative experience designed to reset the nervous system, calm and clear the mind, gently move the body. This session will include:
Relaxing Breathwork
Guided Meditation
Yin and Restorative Asana
Yoga Nidra

Suitable for all including beginners to yoga.