Spring and Seasonal Yoga

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We officially welcomed in Spring to the northern Hemisphere on the 21st March, although down here in Cornwall we had experienced beautiful sunny warm days in the weeks leading up to the equinox. This is the beauty of Spring, one minute its boiling hot and the next it’s freezing cold again! However there is a sense of nature gradually warming up as it begins to release the energy it has stored in roots over Winter, rising up to release in beautiful buds and blooms. The feeling of new energy can make you feel the need to clean! Not just your cupboards and wardrobes, but your body and mind can often feel the urge to be cleansed. Luckily we don’t need to go on a crazy diet to detox – if our Liver energy is healthy, we eat well, reduce our exposure to toxins and drink plenty of water, our bodies will do all the hard work as it is suppose to! The days are now longer than the nights and this is now a time for new challenges and personal growth as we stretch out towards new beginnings.

In our yoga practice we can choose postures to support our Liver and Gallbladder energy, the organs highlighted during Spring. Cleansing poses such as twists and side bends really help to detox and strengthen these organs and the body to get it ready for the rest of the year. Just as the plants in nature, we root through our foundations in our poses, whether that through feet, hands or head to rise up and the deeper we root, the further we can grow with stability and strength. You can really feel this in poses such as Tree and Warrior 1. There is a lot of emphasis on the eyes, fixing and focusing our gaze to stay balanced which also strengthens eyesight and helps with vision and future goals. Balance poses are a fun way to represent the season as it marks the balance point between dark and light, night and day, cold and heat, Winter and Summer.

Spring is a time for change and its important to remain flexible to be able to handle the erratic movements of Spring, just look at the weather! All this change certainly keeps us on our toes, encouraging us to live in the moment and adapt to new situations. The unpredictability makes space for adaptability. Such instability can feel uncomfortable, but flexibility to change helps us move on and draw on our resources, to transform a situation, to grow. Starting to make positive changes in your life is a great thing to do now as we step out of Winter hibernation. This may seem to be rather overwhelming at first, but you can begin to integrate change anywhere you’re most comfortable—maybe you will choose to begin with your exercise/yoga routine, breathing, meditation or with your diet. Whatever changes you decide to make, even if they’re small, commit to sticking with them. Successful transformation rarely happens with a quick fix or a brief burst of dedication. Try setting yourself a 30 day challenge, a great time of year to set new goals, maybe reduce your toxic load by cutting out alcohol, caffeine or refined sugars. Or perhaps instead of taking away, why not add? Try drinking 2l of water a day or add 10 minutes of breathing and/or meditation into your daily routine. Make your goal achievable, you may want to build up week by week or go in full steam ahead. Also be specific so you have clear vision…. Good Luck!

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