Saturday 2nd June – Seasonal Yoga & Nutrition Day Retreat: Summer – Open your heart! Hosted by Jen & Holly

Oceanflow Yoga summer nutrition and yoga retreat

Where: Oceanflow Yoga, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1GX
When: Saturday 2nd June 11.30am – 5.30pm
Cost: £65 including lunch & snacks


Our Seasonal Yoga & Nutrition Day Retreat for Summer is a energy lifting day filled with vitality and wellness just for you. Open your heart, awaken your dreams! Our time together will be a treat for mind, body and spirit. It is designed to re-energise and re-balance your body and mind through specially designed vinyasa flow yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques. It will include a combination of restorative and dynamic classes that focus on the joyful Summer energy of the Fire Element within and around us. This involves playing with the spontaneity of the season with our practice and opening the Heart energies which is our focus at this time of the year. They’ll be plenty of information shared about how we can support, strengthen and heal our bodies though seasonal living and yoga. We’ll be looking at the importance of good gut health through seasonal nutrition and energetically how an open heart links into how much we trust our gut instinct.

Seasonal Yoga is a unique style of yoga studied in depth by both of us where we connect familiar postures with the ancient knowledge of the 5-Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine. This powerful combination brings about a sense of balance as well as restoring your body & mind towards your highest energetic potential.

As well as yoga, we will learn about the best foods to eat to promote good health and balance, allowing us to blossom from the inside out. Seasonal foraging tips and natural skincare workshop by local artisan producer, Luscious Lucy Cornwall, is geared especially towards enjoying the beauty of the Summer. In addition we will provide seasonal information about our bodies, lifestyle and nutritional tips as well as cooking you a tasty and healthy organic lunch and snacks. If you have any dietary requirements, please inform us upon booking.


Your Day Retreat Experience:

11.30am Welcome & Seasonal Info w/Jen (tea & snacks)

12pm Playful Summer Vinyasa class & Qi Gong w/Jen

1.30pm Botanical Beauty Demonstration

2pm Seasonal Lunch (with tasty dessert!) with Q&A

3pm Summer Holistic Nutrition and Foraging Info w/Holly

3.45pm Cooling the Fire Yin class & Guided Meditation w/Holly

5.30pm Treats & Heart hugs goodbye

These retreats are a fantastic and fun way to learn more about the Seasons and how you can become more in tune with nature, helping to create a stronger, more energised and happy YOU!

Workshops and classes are held at our inspiring yoga studio, enjoying stunning views over the sea at Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall. Please ring or email if you have any questions or if you would like to book your place. As this is an out of house retreat, we are happy to recommend nearby accommodation to suit your budget if you don’t live locally.

All levels and beginners welcome!

Spaces are limited, book today.


All levels and beginners welcome

Spaces are limited

Payment in advance to: Jennifer Harvey, 11362268, 30-90-34, ref: workshop or book online


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