Sacred Geometry – A Subtle Energy Yoga Anatomy workshop with Caroline Rossy – Saturday 1st April 1-4.30pm

Yoga is a Science that takes care of the body, breath, mind, soul and the universe itself.

The alignment that we achieve in Yoga goes far beyond just the physical aspect of alignment. Every posture has been organised according the Sacred Geometry which exist within our Universe and ourselves, bringing with it alignment inside and outside of the posture. We are connected to the earth by the huge energetic field that is linked to our subtle anatomy, supported by our physical body.

Thanks to YOGA we bring together our Microcosm (inside ourselves) with our Macrocosm (outside), achieving unity.

The meaning of the word sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ is union.

Come and join us for a workshop focused on the Sacred Geometry, its explanation, how to “feel” the energy, and experience the Alignment physically with easy standing postures….and much more….

We will finish by a lovely tea together made with love and Cornish Cream!

Fun fun fun to Come 😉

Please let us know if you have any food allergies.


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About Caroline Rossy

Yoga took me rather than I took yoga! First class I started with Bikram, I didn’t know what I was doing, a friend of mine took me to « Hot Yoga » saying that it’ll release my lower back pain! And it did right away, so I came back and felt calmer, better and more so very quickly pain free, and being an addictive character I went every day!!!

This is how it started, then life put on my new journey amazing Teachers and people that shown me other type of Yoga and thanks to Ben SEARS from Luxyoga, He shown me the way to Vinyasa Flow and then I fell in love with this fluid but disciplined Yoga than remind me Ballet and dance, and as a former Ballet Dancer and dance teacher, I simply loved and here we go Yoga took me forever until I decided to become a teacher too, thanks to Craig Villani, Ben Sears but also Jared McCann and New York City, they have given me the confidence to teach again, as I started to teach Dance at 23 years old then I taught Massage and the final Journey YOGA, so all together I have been passing onto a lovely message as a teacher for the last 23 years Wow what an honor hey!

Of course teaching ballet has tremendously colored my Yoga, I am anal about alignement, crazy about anatomy, precise about physiology and disciplined like Russian Ballet but I do teach and practice with so so so much fun, as I am so so grateful today to go through this amazing journey that Yoga is offering me!

I cannot describe my way to pass onto this lovely message that is YOGA, I can simply say « Come and Try » and then we will talk about YOU not me, Yoga is like loving life, Yoga is LIFE and our breath is our ENERGY, and HEART our Home, “Body our TEMPLE and Prayers our ASANAS » as Iyengar says Oh yes!
I will see you soon in Antibes but also in Newquay SOON and Johannesburg later this Year.
I have definitely not the Usual CV as a Yoga Teacher, I have trained with the best guys on the planet who teach with Passion, we all teach with Passion and we are all Yogi Warriors with or without high heels for me 😉
See you soon and BREATH………..


One thought on “Sacred Geometry – A Subtle Energy Yoga Anatomy workshop with Caroline Rossy – Saturday 1st April 1-4.30pm

  1. Caroline Rossy says:

    Please join my fab 1st workshop in #Newquay at Ocean Flow the 1st of April at 1pm to 4:30pm
    Every posture has been organised precisely according universal laws and energetic fields, we will go through the energetic aspect of the postures rather than the physical aspect! This is really fun and powerful,see you on the mat 😉 and thanks for presence in advance Namasté
    Come and join me for this amazing workshop to change your outlook on your practice 35£ limited space

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