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We have both an online yoga shop (www.yogaemporium.co.uk) and also a retail shop at the studio. We have all the products listed online at the studio so if there is anything you would like to look at, touch, feel or try on then we would be more than happy to let you do this. If it is outside of studio hours, no problem at all. Just send us an email and we can arrange a time for you to come round and browse.

We take the quality of our products and the ethical beliefs of our manufacturers very seriously. We only source from companies that share our same views on quality, sustainable ethical manufacturing. We also go the extra mile to find quirky and indeed many of our products are unique to the UK marketplace.

We believe that yoga is a gift to your mind, body and soul, so any mat, prop, accessory or item of clothing that you use in your practice should be of the best quality possible. As long practicing yogis, we have experienced many different standards of yoga gear over the years so most definitely understand the joy that a good mat or a non see through pair of leggings can bring to a practice! Every product offered at Yoga Emporium has been tested by us in the studio environment and we can offer impartial and honest advice, considering your individual yoga needs so if you need help along the way, feel free to email or give us a call.

Please click the following link to be directed to our online shop www.yogaemporium.co.uk

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