REST & RELAX: Restorative & Yoga Nidra Workshop with Katie | Sun 21st March | 4-6pm

Restorative yoga nidra relaxing online workshop

A deeply relaxing RESTORATIVE YOGA WORKSHOP live streamed with Katie from Oceanflow Yoga!
Sunday 21st March
£15 (£10 for Live Stream Memberships)


Join Katie for this treat of a Sunday afternoon restorative + yoga nidra workshop. Restorative yoga is a deeply restful practice where we support the body in each floor-based pose with the help of pillows, cushions and blankets. The idea is to get the body as comfortable as it possibly can be, spending 5-15mins in each pose. We will begin the class with gentle movement before moving into the restorative postures and finish with a dreamy yoga nidra meditation.

The theme of this 2 hour workshop is exploring the qualities of equanimity, kindness, joy and compassion and how to cultivate these in both our practice and off the mat. These qualities are all aspects of the Buddhist teaching of the Brahma-Viharas (which means sublime abodes in Pali). However, these qualities are quite simply aspects of being human. Qualities that already live within us but which we can cultivate more of to help us to live a more connected, fulfilling and peaceful life. We will explore them in a very accessible and down-to-earth way.

You don’t need any special equipment for this class, just a pile of pillows off your bed (and a bolster too if you have one), a few blankets or towels and something to cover your eyes (t-shirt, clean sock or an eye pillow!)

This workshop is suitable for all levels even those recovering from injury or with little mobility (just make sure to message us of Katie before the date to let her know) as it is super duper gentle and nurturing.

Welcome to our Oceanflow Live Streaming classes! On booking this class, you will receive an email with the class invite link immediately. Use it to join the class from 30 mins before it begins so give yourself time to settle in and get ready.