Hot Yoga Posture 1 – Pranayama

Pramyama deep breathing Bikram posture one

This is a great first posture to set theĀ focus for our practice. It grounds us and brings the mind into the present. The 26 postures we teach in the hot studio eventually become a moving meditation from start to finish (Yes it won’t always feel like just survival in the studio!!) It also oxygenates the blood stream feeding the muscles with the energy needed for the class ahead.

Alignment Cues:Pramyama deep breathing Bikram posture one

Engage thighs and glutes (Bum muscles)
Keep knees locked
Knuckles stay with chin
On the Inhale:
6 Second Ujayi inhale through nose
stretch knuckles apart
elevate elbows
On the Exhale:
6 Second exhale through the mouth
Loud “HARRRRR” sound
Chin and gaze to ceiling
Elbows touch at end of 6 seconds

Have particular focus on:

Strong core to prevent slumping
Lengthening through neck to prevent crunching
Using your FULL lung capacity


Uses 100% of your lung capacity

Prevents respiratory problems eg. asthma, shortness of breath

Lungs become more elastic and capable of greater expansion

Changes structure of rib cage helping to expand the lungs

Teaches breath control rather than gasping

Stimulates circulation and wakes up and energises the entire body

Helps sleep disorders, irritability, anemia and anxiety

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