Pose of the Month – Vasisthasana (Side Plank)

Oceanflow Yoga Newquay Cornwall Vasisthasana Side Plank Pose


How to get there…
Ensure that you are fully warmed up before attempting this posture. We suggest doing some Sun A’s and B’s for a full body warm up followed by forearm plank and dolphin pose. Some yogic sit ups are also a great way to warm up the core muscles in prep for Vasisthasana.

Come in to plank pose ensuring your shoulders are over your wrists and you are spreading your weight evenly through the whole of your hands. Bring your feet together and your right hand central to your mat. Roll onto the little toe side of your right foot and stack your left foot directly on top of your right. (Note: Being on a cliff edge, Jen has had to modify her feet slightly for stability!) With the feet flexed, extend the left hand upwards stacking the hips one on top of each other and the shoulders. Draw the lower shoulder blades down the back to prevent hunching of the shoulders and firmly engage your core to ensure the hips are supported and there is a straight line running from the heels to the crown of the head. Your gaze can be straight ahead or for more of a challenge, gaze up to your left hand. The full expression of this pose involves holding the left big toe with the left hand and straightening that leg up to the sky however we recommend only attempting this under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher unless this posture is part of your regular practice. Also if you have difficulty holding this pose, an experienced yoga teacher will be able to show you modifications which make the pose more accessible whilst retaining all the benefits listed below. To exit the pose safely, bring the top hand down to the ground and rotate the body back into plank position. Flow through a vinyasa then come to Vasisthasana on the other side.

Seasonal Benefits…Oceanflow Yoga Newquay Cornwall Vasisthasana Side Plank Pose

The gall bladder and liver are the two organs which we look to pay extra attention to and support during the Spring season. Part of the energy meridian of the gall bladder runs along the side of the waist and outer leg and Vasisthasana is a great posture for activating and stimulating this energy meridian.  The benefits of this are to enable clearer decision making and to provide clarity allowing us to put plans into action and help to realise our goals and ambitions.

Other Benefits…

Strengthens the arms, tummy and legs

Stretches and strengthens the legs

Stretches the back of the legs (in the full expression of the pose

Improves sense of balance

Try this….
Keep the left toes touching the floor as the left heel rests against the right ankle.

Students with serious wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries should avoid this pose

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