Oceanflow 4 Week Intro to Meditation Course with Stretch! | Starts Mon 22nd Nov | 19.30-20.45

Oceanflow Meditation Course for RAF Part One Screenshot

Oceanflow 4 Week Intro to Meditation Course with Tom Harvey (Stretch)
Starts Monday 21st November 2021

Join us In-Person at Oceanflow Yoga or by Live Streaming from home!

Book via our Oceanflow App or website under ‘Courses’

Join Stretch over four weeks to explore different ways to meditate and set up a home practice. Regular meditation can bring many benefits including a calmer, more peaceful mind space, reduction of anxiety and tools to manage stress, more time in your day and a more balanced way of looking at life. Stretch will share the techniques he has learned over the years to stick to a regular routine and will look at a variety of practice methods to find one that suits you so your practice can continue at home. Suitable for all!

If you’re joining us from home, we will send you all the relevant tech info & printable handouts the day before each session.