Spring Womb Workshop with Lara held in the Oceanflow Hot Room! | Easter Fri 7th April 2023 4-6pm | Online Recording also available

Spring Easter Womb Workshop Hot Yoga Yin Nidra

Womb Sadhana Workshop | Emergence into Spring
Bank Holiday Easter Friday 7th April | 4-6pm
Oceanflow Yoga Hot Studio (Room will held a nurturing warm temperature!)
£25 (A pre-recorded session of the same workshop will also be available on request with 7 days access from 7th April!)



Join Lara for her two hour immersion into the womb this April 7th, where she will explore with you the practice of womb yoga and honouring the seasons within. Spring, like the waxing moon and the maiden energy of the triple Goddess brings themes of emergence, creativity, play and joy. We will use the wisdom of our cycle, as well as the cycle of the moon to cultivate a life more in harmony with our Great Mother Gaia.

This is an experiential workshop happening inside Oceanflows Hot Yoga room, where we will create a warm womb like space for the afternoons unravelling. A container for gentle movement, freeform flow, self enquiry and yoni nidra; an opportunity to cosy up in the warmth, create a nest and drop into the source of feminine remembrance; the womb. Lara will be bringing her Harmonium ‘Rose’ with her, to guide you through a 30 minute Yoni Bhakti nidra to begin the session. This will be followed with Womb Heart River connection exercises to nurture the precious waters running from the heart to our source, with mantra and journalling before settling down for our final rest.

This is a gentle movement class, as always, with plenty of rest; mainly floor based and is suitable for most abilities. Importantly you don’t need a womb or a monthly cycle to be part of this gathering of women. Women of all ages welcome. Please get in touch if you are unsure or require more information at lara@moonfulwisdom.co.uk.