New to the UK! The Ocean Yoga Board

Laird Hamilton Oceanflow Yoga Newquay Cornwall Ocean Yoga Board

Coming soon to the UK…
As some of you may be aware, we recently took a trip out to Miami. This was to meet and train with an exciting new company who have come up with a brilliant new concept. The product is called the Ocean Yoga Board and is fast becoming the latest trend to sweep the American yoga scene.
The board combines the strength and flexibility of yoga with the core stability required for stand up paddle boarding. By providing an unstable surface to practice on, you unlock the ability to utilise your core more than you thought possible. It is great for surfers, SUP Boarders and anyone looking to improve their practice on the mat. The Ocean Yoga Board will very quickly highlight any mind/body imbalances whilst also ensuring you engage your entire body.
To check out the Ocean Yoga Board, please visit

Oceanflow Yoga Newquay Cornwall Ocean Yoga Board

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