**NEW!** Introduction to Meditation – A 4 week Course

Introduction to Meditation with Leigh Cooper
Oceanflow Yoga
Friday 19th Jan – Friday 9th Feb

This four week meditation course is ideal for those looking at starting a regular meditation practice. Throughout the course of the 4 weeks, we’ll explore various techniques to establish and use our breath to find focus and concentration. In addition to this, we will workshop a variety of seated postures, including lying down if this is more beneficial in relaxing you and then come into a guided meditation practice. Each week will be a guided meditation practice with its own theme including working with the Chakras along with heart opening practices. Benefits of starting to meditate include reducing stress & anxiety, promoting relaxation & peacefulness as well as clearing the mind to help find direction and purpose. Suitable for beginners to yoga & meditation as well as those that already practice and will be held in the warm (not hot!) environment of the Hot studio

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