Learn to FLY: Heart Opening & Back Bending Workshop with Louise | BH Mon 6th May | 11.00-1.30pm

Learn to FLY: Heart Opening & Back Bending Workshop with Louise

Where: Oceanflow Yoga
When: BH Monday 6th May 11.00-1.30pm

Join us to experience the powerful practice of opening up our hearts through back-bending & strengthening postures.
We’ll be working with heart-opening poses, safely building up into Full Wheel and other big backbends, this workshop is designed to delve a bit deeper how we can get ourselves open enough to let our hearts FLY free. There will be some new variations to explore, fun entries and a chance to use various props, including the Dharma Wheel, and partners for support.
“I have struggled with heart openers (physically & emotionally) and am by no means a natural bendy back person. It has and still continues to be a long journey for me but I would love to share what I have learnt along the way as they truly do open your heart bringing not only the many physical benefits but can improve your emotional state & spiritual awakening.
Suitable for students who are looking to deepen their backbend practice, feel comfortable trying Full Wheel and looking for new ways to approach it with ease & lightness.


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