Introduction to Womb Yoga Workshop with Lara | Bank Holiday Friday 3rd June 2022 | 12-2pm | At Oceanflow Yoga or Online options!

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Introduction to Womb Yoga Workshop with Lara
Friday 3rd June 2022
Join us In-Person at Oceanflow Yoga Studio or Online via Zoom (Link provided upon booking)


Womb yoga is a practice open to women of all ages, including women who no longer have a womb or who may not be cycling anymore. It is a practice of exploring movement from a deeply intuitive place, in ways that honours the cyclical nature of our bodies.

This special time offers you an invitation to tune in to the feminine qualities of being and surrender through connecting with potent feminine energy centres in the body, the heart and the womb. This introduction workshop is designed to give you basic tools, rituals and practices that you can take away and begin to incorporate into your morning or evening practices.

We will be combining breath, movement, visualisations, and Taoist based practices. A welcomed release from the rigidity and striving of daily life, and instead returning to intuitive wisdom in expression and flow.

This workshop will mainly be floor based and is suitable for most abilities (must be able to sit/move for 2 hours on a yoga mat).