*CANCELLED* Introduction to Rocket Yoga! A fun and dynamic playshop with Jane | Easter Monday 13th April

Easter Monday 13th April
Vinyasa Studio


Larry Schultz created “The Rocket” in 1989, and his remixed, reimagined, rock’n’roll inspired interpretation of the Ashtanga series has been getting misunderstood ever since!

Yes – it’s the one with all the handstands and the arm balances. But Rocket is NOT just for advanced yogis and the super bendy – that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Larry was one of the first yoga teachers to step out of the box and stretch the boundaries of the classical Ashtanga system by including modifications of the advanced poses. His goal was to make the challenging ashtanga sequence accessible to anyone who wanted to share in it, regardless of their experience, physical limitations, or fears. Instead of cutting less advanced students off from the far reaches of the second and third series, Larry threw the doors wide open and built variations for everyBODY.

This workshop is an introduction to the method that tore up the rulebook, seamlessly weaving the story and philosophy of the Rocket Method into an asana lab on the most popular modifications for those funky poses, and wrapping up with a full Rocket I session that will leave you sky high.

The Rocket sequences are powerful, graceful, exhilarating, inclusive and most of all – they get you there faster!

Jane is an experienced RYT, certified in Rocket, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin and Raja Hatha Yoga and currently completing Jivamukti training with Emma Henry. She has been fortunate to train and practice with incredible teachers all over the world in the 18 years since she stepped onto the mat. She is a qualified sound therapist, Usui Reiki Practitioner, self-taught astrologer and curious Wiccan explorer. Her soundscape events are held regionally, nationally and soon internationally and feature a hybrid of sound, shamanism, crystal grids, ritual and real-talk. She moved to Cornwall in 2017 in an effort to escape the fashion industry and make her part time gig her full time passion. It worked!

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