This October, we are hosting a yoga retreat like no other. Join us on a pilgrimage to Rishikesh, the spiritual heart of India for an 8 night retreat to reconnect with your soul. 


This October, we are hosting a yoga retreat like no other. Join us on a pilgrimage to Rishikesh, the spiritual heart of India for an 8 night retreat to reconnect with your soul.

Rishikesh India Yoga Meditation Retreat

Sounding good for the soul?

Then let’s get into the nitty gritty! Our commitment to you is to guide you on a path of exploration, learning the ancient wisdom of yoga in the heart of it’s motherland, India. We will be journeying to Rishikesh, deep in the foothills of the Himalayas, to partake in daily rituals of yoga, mantra and meditation to connect us all at a deeper level.

You will come away from the retreat with a feeling of profound connection to yourself and the world around you…whilst having had the experience of a lifetime! This is an eight-night retreat which will run from Saturday 22nd October until Sunday 30th October 2022.


Pick up from Delhi airport & taxi to hotel 

1 night accommodation in Delhi (Shared room with same sex)

Delhi to Rishikesh transfer (including lunch en-route)

7 nights accommodation in Rishikesh (Single Room or Shared depending on booking)

All breakfasts and dinners in Rishikesh (Vegetarian)

Water in the hotel rooms and yoga studio

Daily Yoga, Meditation and Mantra

Discussion workshops on modern & ancient philosophical teachings

2 x group excursions to explore & practice in sacred spaces

Optional dip in the Ganges!

Rishikesh to Delhi transfer

Travel & visa support before trip, cultural advice and care whilst in Delhi & Rishikesh by our wonderful India-based team, Uschi & Rakesh



Indian Tourist Visa

Travel Insurance

Food on arrival day in Delhi (The overnight stay is in an area full of cafes and a food court!)

All lunches in Rishikesh and lunch on transfer back to Delhi

Overnight stay in Delhi on return (we can suggest recommendations if you need to stay over due to flight times)

Additional activities or excursions not mentioned

Souvenirs (or excess baggage!)

Tips for drivers & hotel staff (allow approximately £20 in total)


Oceanflow Yoga retreat to rishikesh India


India is the home of yoga and the small city of Rishikesh, located in the north at the foothills of the Himalayas, is said to be one of the most spiritual places on the planet.

It is visited by people from all over the world as a pilgrimage to seek healing, knowledge and give thanks & offerings to the majestic River Ganges that runs straight though the heart of the city. To sit and meditate by the river can be an incredibly powerful experience. One of the best parts about Rishikesh is to see all aspects of yoga being practiced in daily life by locals and visitors combined.

What To Expect?

This retreat will offer the opportunity for you to deepen your practice in all ways. If you’ve been asking yourself bigger questions about life or looking to spend more time with your yoga practice, we’ll be sharing the tools that have been passed down through the ages by the ancient yogic traditions as well as some more modern takes on how we can live fuller, more meaningful lives. As well as daily yoga in our dedicated studio & meditations by the river, we’ll be exploring the area and sitting down in magical spots to have group discussions together, time for self-enquiry and observe the devotional rituals that enhance a yogic lifestyle.

We’ll lay down the foundations of practices you can use back at home so that your connection with India travels back with you! There will be plenty of time and space to be on your own or explore the town in groups. Rishikesh is a safe place to hang out and the local shop keepers & chai sellers are some of the friendliest in the world so don’t be surprised if you make a few new friends during your time here.

India yoga retreat swimming in the river ganges


We’ll be staying in the quieter area of town, near Parnmarth Niketan, a world famous ashram that hosts the most vibrant Ganga Aarti in town every night – also known as Happy Hour for the soul! Visiting Rishikesh is a colourful experience so get ready to spend your time immersed in all the sights sounds, scents, Swamis and of course, cows!

You do not need to be ‘good at yoga’ to come along with us, in fact you don’t have to have done any yoga before but are happy to come along with an open mind and willing to open your heart. There is something out here for everyone and it’s said that once you get the call to come to India, it’s one you can’t ignore for long! To discover India is to discover yourself.

Summed up by Stretch:

“We are hosting this retreat to give people the opportunity to really connect with themselves and their yoga practice at a deeper level. This isn’t a luxury retreat where we sun ourselves by the pool! Instead we will be fully immersed in the hustle and bustle of India, practicing yoga, meditation, chanting, making offerings and having discussions designed to challenge our whole perspective on the way the world works. We plan to explore how ancient Eastern philosophies and deities can be reconciled in today’s world with the existence of cutting-edge science and quantum physics. Don’t panic though, you don’t need to be a quantum physician to be able to understand this! The number one requisite for coming on this trip is having an open mind.”

Summed up by Jen:

“The journey to Rishikesh for me, opened up a spiritual side of my yoga practice that I was not expecting! There’s something so humbling yet mystical in watching the locals living their yoga in everyday life that you can’t help but feel a deeper connection with both the practice and people. There certainly is colour and chaos (and cows!) yet beyond this, there is a quiet power when you sit by the river, with that view of the mountains, that I can’t quite explain. It has to be experienced for yourself. I feel so excited to be able to share this magical place by hosting this retreat and wish you the same insights to your practice that I received here.”

oceanflow yoga international yoga retreat to rishikesh india

The Price

We are offering an early bird price for those of you wishing to commit early to this retreat*. If you sign up before April 30th, the early bird pricing is as follows:

Single Occupancy Room: £1095 per person

Shared Room: £995 per person

After April 30th the prices will be as follows:

Single Occupancy Room: £1195

Shared Room: £1095

*We require a £250 deposit to secure your space.


The retreat is now fully booked. However, we recognise people circumstances change all the time and there may be cancellations between now and retreat day. Just fill in the following form to be added to the waiting list and then we will get in touch should a space become available.