Pregnancy Yoga

Oceanflow Yoga offers the most comprehensive weekly prenatal yoga for pregnant women in Cornwall taught by qualified Pregnancy Yoga teacher Claire Cook

A regular yoga practice during pregnancy will bring many benefits including:

  • Easing the aches and pains which accompany pregnancy through strengthening the hips, back, arms and shoulders
  • Restoring balance to the body and mind through a combination of asanas (physical postures) and breathing techniques
  • Relieving the tension in the neck, shoulders, chest, hips and lower back caused by carrying the extra weight of your baby
  • Calming the mind and body through various Pranyama (breathing techniques) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
  • Learning breathing techniques which will help to keep you relaxed during the birth contractions. A calm mama means a calm baby 🙂
  • Creating YOU time. It is so important with the busy lives we lead to create some time in your week which is dedicated to restoring your energy levels and focusing on ensuring a healthy happy mum and baby.

Our prenatal yoga classes are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of women in all stages of pregnancy and are suitable for all experience levels including those who have never tried yoga before.

Oceanflow Yoga Pregnancy Yoga in Newquay, Cornwall

Class Times: Fridays 18.15-19.15

Class Prices: £40 (Five week term)

Where: Oceanflow Yoga Studio


You are welcome to join mid term if there are spaces available and the charge would be on a pro rata basis for the rest of that term. If you are new to the studio and would like to try a taster session, the cost will be £8 and please ring or email to check availability. Booking Classes Please email us at to find out availability. What To Bring We provide mats, blankets and all props for use in classes but feel free to bring your own. Wear something that you feel comfortable stretching out in and preferably layers as your body temperature can vary during the class.