Easter Goddess Myth & Magic Flow – Akhilandeshwari Workshop with Louise| BH Mon 10th April 10.30am-12.30pm *In-Studio & Online Options*

Goddess Vinyasa Flow Mantra Easter Spring Yoga Workshop Newquay Cornwall

Easter Goddess Myth & Magic Flow with Louise McCutcheon
Bank Holiday Mon 10th April
Oceanflow Yoga Studio (Online Live Stream & Recording also available)


Akhilandeshwari Ma.
“She Who is never not broken.”
Are you constantly striving to have everything in place, to feel whole? As a society we are obsessed with perfection and striving for completeness and wholeness. Come and meet the Vedic goddess Akhilandeshwari, she flips this concept on it’s head.
She represents the opposite, the parts or the pieces, not the whole. The brokenness, the shattered pieces of us, the incompleteness. Akhilandeshwari represents our power and creativity to put ourselves back together as we want to be, the power to constantly recreate ourselves. She teaches us that we are part of a cosmic play that is in constant dance and movement.
Join me to find joy in the brokenness that enables you to continually remake yourself.
In this two-hour workshop we will look at her symbolism, flow through a Vinyasa style movement practice and perform a fun ritual.