Deepen Your Practice: Goddess Lakshmi Yoga Workshop with Louise McCutcheon | Bank Holiday Monday 28th Dec 10.30am

BH Monday 28th December
10.30 – 1.00pm
Socially Distanced at Carnmarth Hotel or Live Streamed via Zoom
£30 (Christmas Gift Vouchers available!)

BOOK HERE (Please note there are 2 versions so please choose Live Stream/In-Person carefully when booking!)

Join Louise for a magical journey of movement, mantra & storytelling themed around the qualities of the Goddess Lakshmi.

Known as the goddess to ask for gaining wealth & prosperity, Louise will share some of the ancient myths about Lakshmi and help us understand how as modern day yogis, we are able to attract abundance in both the material & spiritual aspects of our lives.

Once on the mat, Louise will guide you through a luxurious Bhakti Yoga vinyasa class that will be a flowing devotion to Lakshmi and include dedicated mantra & meditations to add to your own home practice.
As we journey towards the end of the workshop, there will be space to reflect and appreciate the abundance of things already in our life. There will be the opportunity to create and refine our goals for 2021 to bring in exactly what we need & also what to let go of as we start the New Year.
Bring a cushion, blanket & a notebook! Suitable for al