Deepen Your Practice: Balancing the Lower Chakras – 3 Week Course with Jen | Fri 13th Mar | 11-12.30pm

Starts Friday 13th March 2020 for 3 weeks with Jen at Oceanflow Yoga


Get to know yourself better through the magical energies of your Chakra System! Join Jen for a journey through lower energy centres – Manipura (Root), Svadhistana (Sacral) & Manipura (Solar Plexus) to understand why we act, react and move the way we do in our lives. Discover what imbalance can look like for us and learn what we can do to find inner harmony. The first 3 chakras are considered to be the physical connections to elements of Earth, Water & Fire so in that order over the 3 weeks, we will enjoy specially designed sequences of Yoga asana (postures), mantra (words of high vibration), pranayama (breathing techniques) & intentions for each chakra and corresponding element to help us feel like we’re getting reset and feel more in tune inside and out.

£30 for the 3 week course
(Some spaces will be available to attend solo at £12 per class, please email us if you can’t make all dates)

Our Deepen Your Practice courses are designed for those with an existing vinyasa yoga practice who are used to the dynamic nature of our ENERGISE classes taught by Jen & Louise. Over 2020, we will both be teaching courses that have themes close to our hearts, sharing the gifts we have gained from our own practices and advanced trainings. Get ready to go deep and empower yourself with knowledge from the ages that is still so relevant now. A must for any curious yogi!

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