Deepen Your Practice 4: Mudras & Meditation with Jen & Stretch 2nd Feb 2.30-5pm £25

Our ‘Deepen Your Practice’ yoga workshops are designed to help you understand the connection between your body, mind and environment as well as offering you the tools needed to become fully present in your home or studio practice. Book some time for you and escape the busy world to our stunning studio overlooking Fistral beach and get back to yourself!
In our fourth instalment of this series, we’re looking at how you can incorporate powerful hand gestures and shapes, known as Mudras, into your practice. Mudras are said to shift energies from what we are experiencing to how we want to feel – to change the mood as such and to transport us into a space of joy and happiness when used correctly. Jen will demonstrate what these shapes look like and how we can bring them into a simple vinyasa flow yoga class. To close, Stretch will explain and teach effective and simple meditation techniques to us at home (with a Mudra of your choice!) to help bring quiet and calm to busy minds. The combination of Mudra & Meditation is an experience not to be missed and will take your yoga practice to the next level!
This workshop is for you if…. *You’re looking to focus and lift your energy *You want to calm a busy mind and explore the benefits of meditation * You want to learn meditation techniques to set up a home practice *You are new to yoga and want to understand it’s deeper benefits *You’re interested in learning more about yoga not just the physical practice.
£25 Beginners are welcome! Click >here< to book

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