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Day Two

Welcome to day one of your Five Day Detox Plan! Below you will find your morning HIIT video (High Intensity Interval Training), your evening yoga video and recipes to follow for your meal plan.

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Well done, you’ve made it to day two of the program. Today’s coaching video is all about forming habits. New habits take 2-4 weeks to form so it’s still early days. Don’t fret though, find little things that you can do to set yourself up to win. This will really increase your chances of making this a permanent lifestyle change rather than a five day fad! The example we give in the video is to place your gym kit at the end of your bed each night. Psychologically we are far more likely to ignore that snooze button and spring into action if we have already invested some time in getting our clothes prepared for the morning HIIT video. How else can you set yourself up to win?

Below is a recap of the proposed schedule we suggest, however feel free to adjust to suit your timings.

  • 6:30am: Wake up and drink 1 pint warm water with lemon & ginger and watch COACHING video
  • 6:50am: 20 min HIIT class
  • 7:30am: Make and enjoy POWER SHAKE
  • 12:30pm: Heat up and enjoy SUPER SOUP
  • 4pm: Optional snack of 1 avocado or banana
  • 6:15pm: 20 min YOGA class
  • 7pm: Prepare and eat MIGHTY MEAL
  • 9:30pm: Herbal tea and watch COACHING video for following day

Be sure to watch the COACHING video at the top of this page to inspire you for the day ahead. Below you will find a food carousel with your days recipes on. Just click on the image of the meal you want to make and then click on the recipe button to bring up all the details. Remember, today you are making the soup for days two and four.

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