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Day Three

Welcome to day one of your Five Day Detox Plan! Below you will find your morning HIIT video (High Intensity Interval Training), your evening yoga video and recipes to follow for your meal plan.

Well done, you’ve made it to day three of the five day program…also known as hump day! In the coaching video today we talk about the importance of food as the building blocks of our body. That old adage “We are what we eat” is so very true. The cells of our body replace themselves at such a rate that we have an entire new body every seven years. Each new cell (building block) that is being created draws its energy from the food we put in our body. During the season of Spring, we are looking in particular to support the function liver and the kidneys. The liver likes anything green especially dark leafy greens (not McDonalds fluorescent green McFlurries – think real food!) and also garlic and onion (perhaps do this detox with your partner!) Try to avoid dairy, caffeine, alcohol and fried foods.  The kidneys on the other hand like anything warming and nourishing. Thing soups, roasted veg and home cooked warm meals. Try avoiding too many cold salads at this time of year and also caffeine which affects the adrenals situated right above the kidneys. Water is your new best friend. Drink little and often, minimum 2-3 litres per day to stay well hydrated. We are 60-70% water and it only takes a very small percentage drop in our hydration levels to really affect brain function, concentration and mood.

Watching how your body responds to food is a really great indicator. We tend to experience the emotion of anger when the liver is overwhelmed and the kidneys are more associated with fear and anxiety.

Top tip of the day is to take a green supplement daily. If you can get into a habit of doing this every morning, then no matter what the day brings, we know that we have already consumed a significant amount of high quality nutrients and minerals for the body. There are literally hundreds of different brands out there, currently at Oceanflow Yoga we use Green Vibrance which we wholeheartedly recommend as it uses very high quality ingredients and has a completely transparent ingredient list. More information can be found here > Green Vibrance < You can also find good quality milk thistle, chlorella and spirulina through this website too if you are struggling to source them locally.


Below is a recap of the proposed schedule we suggest, however feel free to adjust to suit your timings.

  • 6:30am: Wake up and drink 1 pint warm water with lemon & ginger and watch COACHING video
  • 6:50am: 20 min HIIT class
  • 7:30am: Make and enjoy POWER SHAKE
  • 12:30pm: Heat up and enjoy SUPER SOUP
  • 4pm: Optional snack of 1 avocado or banana
  • 6:15pm: 20 min YOGA class
  • 7pm: Prepare and eat MIGHTY MEAL
  • 9:30pm: Herbal tea and watch COACHING video for following day

Be sure to watch the COACHING video at the top of this page to inspire you for the day ahead. Below you will find a food carousel with your days recipes on. Just click on the image of the meal you want to make and then click on the recipe button to bring up all the details. Remember, you have already made the soup for today’s lunch!

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