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Day Four

Welcome to day four of your Five Day Detox Plan! Below you will find your morning HIIT video (High Intensity Interval Training), your evening yoga video and recipes to follow for your meal plan.

Well done, you’ve made it to day four of the five day program! In today’s coaching video we talk about the power of the mind and the importance of the labels we put on ourselves. For the video we use the example of a smoker who still identifies them self as a smoker who has quit rather than a non smoker. Lets throw another common one out there. Lets take someone who is wanting to lose some weight. The normal language pattern we hear around needing to lose some weight is usually “I am too fat” or something similar. This immediately links the person’s weight with the identity of who they are thus setting up a rocky road to health relying on motivation and will power to lose the weight. The ongoing language is usually that the person is on a diet which again suggests that their identity is someone who is overweight but is working hard to shed it. (Notice the similarities with the smoker who has quit vs. the non smoker). In this example a great option would be to choose an identity label for you which best associates the body you wish to have. That could be a yogi or an athlete or anything else which resonates with you. This will make a deep impact on a subconscious level and then when temptation rares its head (and it inevitably will), the body will gravitate towards the choice which best fits the picture of who we identify ourselves with. For example when a friend waves a doughnut under our nose, the mind thinks “Does an athlete eat like this?” and the body will naturally gravitate towards the healthier choice. There is undoubtedly still a big element of self discipline involved but at a subconscious level you are beginning the process of reprogramming for sustainable change.

We also talk in the video about inspiration vs motivation. Motivation can only ever last so long depending on will power and the level of self discipline we can adopt. Far easier is to get inspired by a cause greater than ourselves. If for example, health is a big goal driving us to change. Rather than focusing on ourselves becoming more healthy, try focusing on the benefit to others if we were to get to a state of full health and vitality. Maybe this is being alive and fit and healthy into old age so we can play more with our grand kids, perhaps it is so we have more energy to give to others in our day to day lives?

Our top tip of the day is to have a think about your “I am statement”. Create a short positive statement of who you are which really you really buy into and gets you excited to be that person! Good luck and have fun with this!


Below is a recap of the proposed schedule we suggest, however feel free to adjust to suit your timings.

  • 6:30am: Wake up and drink 1 pint warm water with lemon & ginger and watch COACHING video
  • 6:50am: 20 min HIIT class
  • 7:30am: Make and enjoy POWER SHAKE
  • 12:30pm: Heat up and enjoy SUPER SOUP
  • 4pm: Optional snack of 1 avocado or banana
  • 6:15pm: 20 min YOGA class
  • 7pm: Prepare and eat MIGHTY MEAL
  • 9:30pm: Herbal tea and watch COACHING video for following day

Be sure to watch the COACHING video at the top of this page to inspire you for the day ahead. Below you will find a food carousel with your days recipes on. Just click on the image of the meal you want to make and then click on the recipe button to bring up all the details. Remember, you have already made the soup for today’s lunch!

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