ENERGISE FLOW (Intermediate)

In this Lotus Flow vinyasa yoga class we combine movement with the breath to create an energising and detoxing flow. Classes will be taught based on themes with backgrounds rooted in either Traditional Chinese Medicine as Seasonal Yoga or the Myths & Philosophies of the Ancient Indian principles and Bhakti Yoga. Through this powerful connection of body & mind, these classes can help lower stress levels, promote health, flexibility & strength, and a feeling of well-being. Suitable to all levels, however if you are relatively new to flow yoga it can be a good idea to try a few of our FOUNDATION classes or BEGINNERS COURSE before coming to ENERGISE to get a solid foundation into your yoga practice.

FOUNDATION FLOW (Beginner Friendly)

A slower paced class that focuses on correct alignment and getting the most from your yoga practice. It is a flow yoga based class aimed at stretching and strengthening the body but with focus on alignment. We take the time to look at how the body should be aligned in poses and offer options to modify depending on your needs. To end the class, guidance on breath control (pranayama) and relaxation will help to bring a sense of calm and well-being to the body and mind. Suitable for all levels including those completely new to yoga as well as being useful for students who want to step back from faster ­flow to work on alignment.

MELLOW FLOW (Beginner Friendly)

Our Mellow slow flow yoga classes concentrate on gentle stretching, hip opening and breathing to bring balance to the body with easy-going, relaxing postures. In this class we join the breath with each movement in a slow and gentle way, followed with breathing exercises and a guided relaxations to finish, helping to lower any stress and make you feel like you have been wrapped in cotton wool. Suitable for all levels and those new to yoga

PILATES (All Levels)

Pilates focusses on creating a strong, muscularly balanced, aligned & pain free body through a series of core stability, muscle activating and mobility based exercises.
This dynamic class strengthens & lengthens your whole body by combining breath work; core & glute activation; hip & spinal mobility; muscular balance & endurance exercises to leave you feeling both energised and de-stressed.
Pilates compliments your yoga practice, with strengthening movements for core, muscular balance & activation as well as joint stability. This muscular fine tuning wakes up sleepy, inactive muscles supporting both the everyday athlete to enhance their surfing, running or cycling but also those rehabilitating injury, supporting pain free movement.
Pilates is great for every body; energise your body and relax your mind!

RESTORATIVE YOGA (Beginner Friendly)

A candle-lit, super relaxing mid-week class, designed to provide a serene and tranquil environment for you to unwind and rejuvenate. In this gentle practice, there will be a series of deeply relaxing postures completely supported by props such as blankets and bolsters, allowing the release of any tension to melt away. The postures will be enhanced with calming breathing techniques & meditations, promoting a sense of inner calm and stress relief. Restorative yoga is ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape from the demands of daily life, promoting physical and mental well-being through rest and relaxation.


An awakening yoga class designed to stretch out and open up your body, energising you for the day ahead. Watch the sun rise and the sky become lighter over the ocean from the mat whilst you practice! Suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome.

YIN YOGA (Beginner Friendly)

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses that are held for longer periods of time. Three to five minutes or longer per pose is typical and props may be used. Yin yoga is a great practice for improving flexibility in the body and also for increasing circulation to the joints. Suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome. People with less mobility may find this a great class as there is no dynamic, faster paced movement.

YOGA NIDRA (Beginner Friendly)

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful meditation practice that is very accessible to all and promotes a deep sense of relaxation in the body and mind.
This is an essential tool for anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety, insomnia or struggles to quieten that chattering mind, especially last thing in the evening.



HOT 26 (Beginner Friendly)

Oceanflow HOT yoga classes are held in our specialised HOT yoga studio at temperatures of 40 degrees and humidity of approximately 40-50%. This 75 minute class uses the classic series of 26 postures to work every muscle, gland and system in your body, allowing detoxification, healing and strength building. We do the majority of the postures twice and each posture we hold for 30 seconds to a minute before coming out of it. There is no flow in this class, it is a series of static holds. All levels and abilities are very welcome including absolute beginners.

HOT FLOW (Intermediate)

This class is broadly based around the postures of the Ashtanga Primary Series and involves more flowing movement than the classic HOT sequence and so the room is kept at a slightly cooler temperature (30-35 degrees). Suitable for all levels however some experience of vinyasa yoga is recommended before taking this class ie. knowing your way around a sun salutation is useful. This is a great class for those with an established yoga practice or a good level of fitness looking to combine yoga into their routine.

HOT POWER (All Levels)

Hot Power is a sequence inspired by the Baptiste Power vinyasa practice, which combines power and strength with softness and ease. It sits perfectly between the static, strength building Hot Yoga 26 postures and the more fluid, dynamic Hot Flow sequence With a large focus on how we breathe in postures and transitions, this class will challenge, cleanse and invigorate; preparing you both for a good night sleep or busy day ahead. At 32-34 degrees, you will sweat more than usual, helping to shift stagnant energy. Expect to leave feeling calm and centred and stronger for whatever life throws at you.

HOT YIN (Beginner Friendly)

A class focused on deep stretches that are held from 2-5 minutes in a warm room with a temperature of 32degC. The poses will help to stretch out hips, shoulders and spine, working into connective tissue, fascia as well as muscles. The benefits of practicing this style in warmth include accessing postures easier than in colder environments, boosting detoxification and promoting relaxation.
Beginners to yoga are very welcome and this class is a great one to double up with a earlier class to stretch out fully!

SILENT HOT 26 (Intermediate)

A unique HOT class for those looking to deepen their HOT practice and understand the deeper meditative benefits of the Bikram series. The 26 postures are performed in silence with a teacher guiding the changes but with no alignment cues. The word “Go” indicates the start of the posture and the word “change” indicates the time to come out of the posture. This class is suitable for those who are quite familiar with the HOT or Bikram series and can come in and out of the postures without guidance. As a general rule of thumb, we would suggest having taken ten HOT YOGA classes before coming along to this class. This allows you to get enough sessions under your belt to be comfortable with the alignment of the postures. You DO NOT NEED TO KNOW the sequence off by heart to attend this class. You will have the guidance of others practising around you to prompt you into which posture comes next. IMPORTANT…PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINS EARLY FOR THIS CLASS.