Charity Mantras – Sunday 26th Jan 2020 (Australia Day!) 3pm – 3:30pm

Charity Mantras – a singalong for Australia
Sunday 26th Jan 2020 (Australia Day!)
3.00-3.30pm (before our Silent Disco Yoga sessions at 4pm!)
Carnmarth Hotel, Headland Road, Newquay

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Mantra is a powerful tool to connect with the energy of our hearts, boost our feel good vibes and inspires positive thinking. We’ll be singing some of our signature mantras, as well as enjoying some new ones alongside the beautiful sound of the harmonium. We sing in Sanskrit (the yogic language) through call and response so you can learn each mantra as you go and guided song sheets will be provided.

No chanting or singing experience is required! Every voice is perfect as it is and even just listening in can be a powerful experience for the health of our bodies and mind

This session is complimentary and we will be raising funds to those affected by the extreme bushfires in Australia. If you wish to donate, you can bring cash on arrival or if you want to donate a class credit on booking, we will convert it to cash to send out to those in need in Australia. Just being there and sharing your energy is enough though so please feel free to attend with the donation of your voice! Please reserve your space online via app or website so we know you’re coming!

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