Changes to the old 3hr Cancellation Guidelines – From Tues 19th October 2021

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Wow, it’s been an AMAZING three weeks since we reopened our doors and see so many people in-person again. If you haven’t yet made it in, we look forward to you welcoming you back soon!

A HUGE thank you for all your support during the changes and thanks also for the valuable feedback some of you have given us as we’ve navigated the tricky road of hybrid classes and being back in the studios. Please keep sharing your ideas and let us know how we can keep providing the best service we can to the Oceanflow studio & online COMMUNITY.

We are still in the early stages of reopening and are keeping our eyes on how the studios are running including the crossover of classes to ensure people feel safe when visiting the studio.

We are currently running the upstairs VINYASA STUDIO at 50% capacity with open windows front and back for ventilation.

We are now running the HOT ROOM with 8 people in a session and have introduced a high quality air filter to the space which passes the air through charcoal filters, medical grade HEPA filters and UV light. This system is highly effective at trapping bacteria and viruses (including Covid19) and will filter the room up to 30 times during a 60 minute class.

We have also reduced the timetable to about 60% of the number of classes that we were running pre-covid to ensure that there is sufficient time between classes to air the studios and prevent class arrivals overlapping with those leaving the previous classes.

We couldn’t be happier seeing everyone back in the studio and also being able to reopen the hot studio for the first time in 18 months. We are very grateful that people have returned in person and trust us to maintain a SAFE ENVIRONMENT to practice in.

These restrictions to both class sizes and class numbers have obviously had a significant financial knock on effect for us. We are finding there have been a lot of cancellations to classes right on the 3hr mark which is our current cancellation policy. We have found in reality that this is not long enough for people on the waiting list to change arrangements and attend the class. This has led to empty, unpaid spots in the studio and we have very quickly come to the realisation that it would not be financially viable to continue operating in this way.

We have therefore made the decision that starting on Tuesday 19th October, we will be moving to an 8 HOUR cancellation policy. We hope that this will be a good compromise between keeping things as flexible as possible for you when booking a class with us whilst maintaining a sustainable business to keep the studio operating. This means that if you cancel off a class with 8+ hours to go before the start, you will receive a credit back automatically onto your account to use another time. If you cancel after this time, you will not have the credit returned and those of you on monthly memberships will be charged a £5 fee.

We know it can be tricky to schedule your classes, especially when things come up which mean you have to change your plans last minute. For anyone who misses a studio class that is also being LIVE STREAMED (hybrid), you can have the recording of that class to do at home. Just email/text us to let us know you’d like it and we will email the recording link to you.

For those of you booking onto a Live Stream class, we can be much more flexible with the cancellation guidelines as there is more capacity. Unfortunately our booking software does not allow different cancellation settings for different types of class so the 8hr cancellation rule will be a blanket setting for all. If you are booked onto a Live Stream class and can no longer make it within that 8hr window, please contact us via email/text to let us know. If the request is more than the original THREE HOURS then we can cancel you off from our side. If the request is less than 3 hrs to go, we are unable to cancel you off but are happy to share the recording of the class with you (on request.) Those on monthly memberships will not be charged a fee for late cancellations or missing LIVE STREAMED classes but we still ask that you attend or cancel wherever possible.

Please use our waiting lists, it doesn’t cost anything to put your name down! You might feel put off seeing fully booked classes but we see so much movement within any particular session that it is very likely that you will get a space. Just ensure your OCEANFLOW APP push notifications are on and check emails if you’re booking in using the website. If you can no longer make a class that you are on standby for, please take yourself off the waiting list otherwise we may still end up calling you or texting you needlessly to let you know a space has come available.

I think that is all for now, we can’t tell you how happy we are to see the COMMUNITY coming back together in person again and also keeping connected to the LIVE STREAMED crew 😊