Celebrate the Summer Solstice! – Unique Yoga & Sound Workshop, 108 OMs & 2-course Dinner – Saturday 17th July 2-6pm – £40

We welcome the coming of Summer at the lightest part of the year – the solstice – through a unique and immersive Yoga & Sound experience! We are hosting 2 workshops at the same time, choosing between HOT yoga in the HOT room or YIN yoga up in much cooler upstairs studio and combining yoga with the sound of instruments and voice. After class we combine our efforts to sound out 108 Oms to celebrate the summer solstice, followed by a nourishing meal together.

When:   Saturday 17th June

When:   2.00-6.00pm (4-6 if just attending the Oms & dinner)

Where: Oceanflow Yoga

Cost:      £40 including class, snacks/smoothies, 108 Oms & 2-course dinner)

Or £15 for 108 Oms & 2-course dinner (5 spaces)

>BOOK HERE< (use link to access online booking and click ‘Courses’ to choose workshop)


Our energising 90 minute HOT yoga Bikram-inspired class, led by Stretch, is designed to heat the core and connect with the fires of the Sun and held in the downstairs HOT studio. As we welcome in the Summer, this yang- inspired practice can serve us in celebrating the peak of the year and open our hearts to joy. This class will be accompanied by the strong complimentary sounds of the digeridoo, drums and more by Olivier to help immerse ourselves into this powerful practice. This class will follow with a refreshing and cooling smoothie and a chance to shower before the next part of the afternoon.


Our mellow 2 hr Yin class in the cool upstairs studio will involve long-held yoga poses designed in a specialised sequence and led by Jen, that is based on ancient Traditional Chinese philosophies to balance the 5-Element energies that reside in our body & mind. These energies (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) can so often be so out of sync from our busy lives, illness or injury. To emphasise the healing nature of our Yin yoga, we will collaborate the physical postures with the magical sounds of voice and instruments from Megan. These healing vibrations relate to each element and various organs of your body to tone and boost their function in harmony with each other. We will be serving some tea and treats to fuel yourselves for your practice!


After we end our practices, we will combine the energy of our two groups to the upstairs studio where we will take a sounding meditation in the form of 108 Oms. 108 is an auspicious number in the yogic traditions, linked to language, astrology, mathematics, astronomy and more! Yoga communities all over the world will be celebrating the solstice with a form of a 108 practice so this can be a very powerful and moving way to join our global energies and lift vibration through our voice. Just like when we do 108 sun salutations, you don’t have to do them all!


Once we have finished the meditation, we will serve a hearty vegetarian supper for us all to enjoy in a relaxed style. This is a great time to chat and get to know more about us and this wonderful yoga community that has grown here.


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