Candy Cane Fudge Bites (DF, GF, Paleo)

Candy Cane Fudge Bites (DF, GF, Paleo)

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A very lovely and cheeky tasting recipe for the festive season, enjoy!
200g dessicated coconut or shredded coconut flakes (unsweetened)
50g dried, unsweetened cranberries
60ml cacao butter melted (or coconut butter or white chocolate if not too worried about sugars)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp of honey or coconut nectar
1 tbsp pure peppermint oil


1. Process all of the above in a food processor until well combined and creamy.
2. Pour the mixture into 8″square tin or tray, pack down and place it in the freezer for about thirty minutes.
3. Remove and slice into bite size squares, make around 16-20 squares
Store in the fridge and enjoy!

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