Becoming the Best Hot Yoga Teacher I Can Be!

Rainbow yoga image at Oceanflow Yoga Newquay Cornwall

Being someone who loves the heat, it was only a matter of time before I started to explore hot yoga. The traditional 26 postures of Bikram yoga are designed to address the major areas of the body which are often tight and cause us problems. By practicing hot yoga on a regular basis, we gain so many benefits to the body, some of which I have listed on the website. (

Stretch hot Bikram yoga Newquay CornwallFaced with two choices of doing either a 50hr conversion course or a 550hr master course, I found myself weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of both option. Although the cost and time commitment were both pushing me towards the shorter course, the opportunity to train with the elite in Cambridge was too appealing. Ethos Hot Yoga ( has rapidly gained a leading reputation in the UK for being at the forefront of the new wave of hot yoga studios. In conjunction with Cambridge University, they are actively researching the physical effects of a regular hot yoga practice on the body. They are also studying the DNA and genetic makeup of students to provide them with a optimal nutritional and fitness plan tailored to their bodies. This is a service I would love to bring to Cornwall so watch this space!

The course starts on Saturday 18th October and I plan to write a blog of my journey to becoming the best hot yoga teacher I can be.

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