ACTIVE BREATH – A new 20 min ONLINE Energising Breath Practice with Jen from Oceanflow Yoga | Starts from Thurs 21st Oct 8am

Breath Pranayama online class yoga meditation

Join Jen online for 20mins of Active Breathwork and start to experience the amazing benefits from this powerful practice!

Starts Thursday 21st October to coincide with the start of the Autumn session & the Metal Element which is all about the Lungs!

Session Days:
Thursdays 8am LIVE STREAMING
Saturdays 8am REPLAY

Book online via Oceanflow App or >HERE<

£2 per session or included in both Live Stream and All Access Monthly Memberships (24hr Recordings are available if you can’t make the scheduled time. Please book on and email us to let us know you’d like it). Your link will be emailed as soon as you book so keep it safe and check junk folders if not there in your inbox!

This breathwork practice is an active technique that involves you lying down or sitting up, breathing with strong 2-part inhales through the mouth or the nose and followed more passive exhales. If you’ve ever seen or practiced Wim Hof breathing, there are some similarities to this style of breathwork. This is a very rhythmic pattern of breathing that we practice to uplifting music which can help keep the pace. The music will be streamed by us so no worries about having access to Spotify etc. We highly recommend listening via headphones for a really immersive experience!
This technique is not suitable during pregnancy, if you are prone to seizures or if you are currently living with high blood pressure.

The benefits of a regular breath work are vast, especially when practiced over a long period of time. These can include:

• Strengthens Lungs & Cardiovascular System
• Boosts Energy, Focus & Performance
• Supports Digestion & Metabolism
• Promotes Better Sleep
• Reduces Acidity in the Blood to Decrease Inflammation

• Supports a more Positive Stress Response & how we Respond to Challenges
• Increases Willpower & Develops Coping Strategies
• Improves Mental Health & Experience Happier Times
• Acts as an Active Meditation for Busy (Chaotic) Minds
• Creates a Mind-Body Connection to feel more Present
This is just a short list so there are many more positive results that people have reported from regularly practicing an Active Breathwork Technique and some can be felt during and straight after a session!

• You can practice different lying down and seated positions to see what suits you best. Support such as cushions, walls, blankets are key to supporting the lungs.
• Don’t worry if you have a cold. You can still practice – you might have to use the mouth breath rather than the nose but you may find it helps to clear sinuses quicker.
• It is an energising breath practice so best done in the morning but it can be a great afternoon pick up if morning sessions don’t work for you – just let us know you would like the recording
• The most common side-effects during practice are tingling, feeling light- headed & dizziness so that is the main reason we sit or lay down. These are very temporary sensations that will disappear as soon as you stop the technique. There can also be changes in body temperature and heady/euphoric moments too that can be unsettling the first few times.