2nd date added! Forrest Yoga Immersion Workshop for Hips w/ Symi | Sunday 13th Oct | 2-5pm

2nd date added! Forrest Yoga Immersion Workshop for Hips w/ Symi | Sunday 13th Oct | 2-5pm

This event is now fully booked! Please email us at hello@oceanflowyoga.co.uk to be placed on the waiting list and feel free to check out our upcoming events at the studio at https://www.oceanflowyoga.co.uk/category/upcoming-events/

Happy Hips Sunday!
Forrest Yoga Immersion workshop with Symi
Sunday 13th October 2019 2-5pm
£30 early bird, £35 from 30th September


Our hips are the seat of our emotions! And there is a powerful link between the hips and our Bisley filing cabinet of stored emotions. Our hips and pelvis are the keystone of trust, supporting the upper body and are supported by the legs: a mind-body connection right there. Trust.

The hip opening workshop will encourage you to loosen up trapped emotions and begin to unravel the tension we cling on in our hips. This 3 hour long carefully sequenced immersion with unwind the hip joints, strengthen and lengthen muscles, create space and coax your body a little bit closer to the limits of it’s possibilities. We’ll explore the deeper mysteries of the hips, delve into abdominals (of course!) and maybe get up close and personal with our inner critic…..!

The practice:
It inspires. It grounds. It helps heal injuries. You’ll grow stronger, have more energy and get fitter.
It helps to release tension and encourages a deeper connection with your body and your emotions. It creates awareness and tugs you away from numbing out. Forrest Yoga helps you listen to the poetry of your body, so that you can become the magic that is alive within you, reconnecting you to your own shimmering energy.
You don’t need to be bendy or strong. Whether you are new or a well-seasoned yogi, working on an injury or looking for a practice that reconnects you with ‘you,’ Forrest Yoga welcomes everyone, and can be adapted to all levels and physical abilities.

About Symi:
I can’t imagine life without yoga. My journey changed after a life-changing (enhancing) diagnosis a handful of years ago. Forrest Yoga touched my body, mind and soul, offering me strength to face my fears and a platform from which I could make life-changing decisions. Forrest Yoga resonated so deeply within me, my essence, my very being and even today, my personal practice is still changing my life in ways I had never expected. Realizing the incredible benefits of Forrest Yoga, I quit her job and decided to become a Forrest Yoga teacher, knowing I wanted to offer something that I believed in wholeheartedly, to others.

I completed the Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in San Francisco in the spring of 2015, and I am now teaching full-time. My studies in biodynamic massage and body psychotherapy continue, as does my desire for living life in full colour, right to the edges, making the ‘most alive choice’ at every given opportunity.

As a child, I was a shutterbug, with my camera an extension of my arm. I love art. Music. Paintings. Reading. Stories. Language. Your body is one such story. And the child in me still loves to create, to tell stories, to help you tell your story. Let Forrest Yoga help you feel for the stories in your body. (You) seen, changes your relationship. With Everything.

Learn more at https://www.symiyoga.co.uk/

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